(Also) in Defense of Firefox

LWN is running a story (for subscribers only) called “In Defense of Firefox” where they explain the fsync issue with FF3.

I’ve been pretty vocal in the past criticizing Mozilla’s Linux story during the Firefox 2 era, and it would be easy to jump on that bandwagon again … but I won’t. In fact, after speaking to Mozilla folks at Lugradio USA, FOSSCamp and the Ubuntu Developer Summit, I am absolutely convinced that Mozilla is doing the right thing with regard to the Linux version.

I find it ironic that we whined about how terrible FF2 was in Linux, and then the Mozilla folks made a conscious effort to improve the Firefox experience … and they ran into a nasty bug, and all of a sudden people revert to flaming the project.

One of the best parts of my job is working with upstream developers. I know for a fact that there are engineers working at Mozilla and at distributions (not just Ubuntu) working to fix the problem and not just during work hours; lots of them are working weekends and afterhours to fix these problems.

Sure, Mozilla isn’t perfect, but if you look at the improvements in FF3 over FF2 I will /glady/ give them the benefit of the doubt and trust them to fix the problem. Sure, FF3 has some problems, there are still some extensions that haven’t been ported and in Hardy we’re still shipping a beta (by the way, final FF3 will be available once it’s final), but as someone who had deploy FF1 and 1.5 in production I can tell you that FF3 is absolutely fantastic.

On a more humorous note, people online have mentioned that Mozilla didn’t catch the bug until the last minute because “… it never showed up on Mac OSX”. I think that’s funny as hell…