Simple Filesharing With Zeroconf

So people are finally discovering giver.

Just a quick note for those of you looking to share with someone on a Windows PC or something (or linux to linux if you don’t want to install a separate application) … If you enable a Bonjour account in Pidgin you can just right click on a person and send them files. I do this all the time at conferences and hackfests. In fact, this feature has been around for a long time (and so has giver), so I am surprised that people are learning about this just now. Oh well.

Note that this also works with Empathy (my client of choice), just add a “Salut” account. I am pretty sure this works in all the KDE IM applications as well since I see kubuntu folks on zeroconf at conferences all the time. In fact, we should encourage people to do this at all events.

EDIT: Note I am using jaunty so I am unsure if file transfers with Empathy are in Intrepid, so confirmation on that would be appreciated.