Gmail Contacts With Mutt

I would like to just throw a shout out to the authors of the goobook python script - it’s the nicest gmail contact integration I’ve seen so far. The big killer feature is that it caches the results, so it’s fast and doesn’t get in the way. You’ll also want the they have one the google page as an example to put your account information in. To use it in mutt put it some place and add it to your muttrc like so:

set query_command = “/home/jorge/ ‘%s’”

and then set some keybindings (I prefer tab to the default ctrl-t):

bind editor complete-query bind editor ^T complete

Now every time you hit tab it will autocomplete with your gmail contacts … Ctrl-T will query your local aliases if you have those. I prefer to keep everything in my gmail anyway so I don’t use that last one. Thanks to Kyle Rankin and Rick Harding helping find and configure this.