Papercut Time

Here’s a project that I’m sure will be popular. David Siegel has just blogged instructions on how to tag bugs “that will improve user experience if fixed, is small enough for users to become habituated to it, and is trivial to fix.”

You know, those tiny little nitpick bugs that drive you mad. One of my favorites is this one, which I’ve nominated to the list. David’s post shows you how to do it. Another great example is this bug, which has been driving me mad for a long time.

Now before you go into Launchpad and nominate all your pet bugs, remember that this is a nomination process for trivial fixes. So, for example, in my non-developer eyes my Nautilus bug seems simple. It might end up being complicated, so if your bug ends up not being a papercut (and more of a gaping chest wound) then don’t worry about it, we’re shooting for high-bang-for-the-buck and low-hanging-fruit. Not that non-papercut bugs aren’t important - this is an effort to fix little things, nip and tuck at the corners if you will. Have at it!

On a related note, you can now follow the Ubuntu Design Team on - and while you’re at it, please take part in the Ubuntu Usability Study.