Docs for Upstreams and Docs for How to Work With Upstreams.

I’ve got a double shot for you today.

As part of my cycle goals I have (mostly) finished the cut of the upstream section of our wiki docs. Sometimes I get a mail from an upstream project who has no idea how Ubuntu works, but they want to get their software into Ubuntu to get it out in people’s hands. They have no idea what SRU, PPAs, and all that other stuff is.

This document kind of gives you an overview of Ubuntu development that you as an upstream care about. So if you’ve ever run into “hey how do we get this fix into Ubuntu?” then this will steer you in the right direction. Ubuntu development can be a bit daunting to step your foot into so I hope this helps people figure out what they need to do to get in Ubuntu.

The next bit is the “Adopt a Package”. The great bit about this is there’s already people out there doing this, so we’re putting together a place where we can share information on best practices so we can be more efficient and weeding through old bugs and making sure that upstream bugs go to the right place. We’ve also put together a nice set of recommendations on how to talk to upstreams to make the work easier for everyone.

Many thanks to everyone who’s helped on this, especially Bruno Girin, Daniel Holbach and Sense Hofstede.