Handy Version Checking Thanks to Rmadison

Sometimes I need to check what’s in Debian and what’s in Ubuntu for a certain package. Usually I just go to the packages.debian ubuntu site and compare them in browser tabs. Turns out there’s an easier way and I wanted to share this with everyone who might not know. Thanks to Scott Kitterman for pointing this out to me!

[email protected]:~$ rmadison -u debian tasque tasque | 0.1.6-1 | stable | source, all tasque | 0.1.9-1 | testing | source, all tasque | 0.1.9-1 | unstable | source, all

[email protected]:~$ rmadison -u ubuntu tasque tasque | 0.1.6-1ubuntu1 | intrepid/universe | source, all tasque | 0.1.8-1build2 | jaunty/universe | source, all tasque | 0.1.8-4 | karmic/universe | source, all tasque | 0.1.8-5 | lucid/universe | source, all