Kicking the Tires on MAAS

Ok so we’ve fleshed out the MAAS wiki page a bit today with some instructions on how to get started. If you’ve got a few boxes around (You’ll likely need at least 3 boxes, one for MAAS, and then two nodes for juju, though you only need 2 to test MAAS by itself.). If you don’t know what MAAS is then you can check out Mark’s blog post about it. It’s a new provisioning tool that lets you quickly deploy servers.

MAAS itself is easy to install, just a sudo apt-get install maas and you’re good to go. Like other deployment tools it helps if you’re in control of your own DNS/DHCP server, though I was able to get it running by just setting them up on their own separate network.

After you’ve got your shiny new MAAS server running we could use a hand with some testing. We’ve documented that here:

What you’ll do is install an updated checkbox from a PPA and then submit a few tests:

And then do some tests:

If we fail a test we take you right to launchpad where you can file a bug, and then we’ll go fix them. So if you’ve got some boxes sitting around and want to help out do feel free to join in; but remember this is a deployment system, so blowing away your machines and installing Ubuntu Server on them is desired behavior, so don’t sacrifice boxes you might care about.

Giving Feedback

If you’d like to give feedback, comments or even patches, get in touch with the team on launchpad at We’re keen on learning what you’d like to see MAAS do.

Happy MAASing!