Want to Mess With SPDY Easily? Come Experiment With It via Juju

(This is half broken and not ready, but it’s too cool to not tell you about right away.)

The folks over at Google released a new snapshot of mod_spdy for use with Apache.

Thinking this would be a cool way to show off juju’s subordinate feature, Clint Byrum got to work and hacked together a mod_spdy subordinate charm; which means (assuming it works), that we can just tack it onto things serving via Apache and get mod_spdy relatively easy for all the charms that would use it in the store. Neat huh?

Here it is:


And here’s how you’d test it:

juju deploy wordpress
juju deploy mysql
juju add-relation mysql wordpress
juju expose wordpress
juju deploy cs:~clint-fewbar/precise/mod-spdy
juju add-relation mod-spdy wordpress

Clint realized that juju does not allow subordinates to open ports for their primaries, so you have to use the open-port script in juju-jitsu.

To do that, after you’ve done the steps above:

bzr branch lp:juju-jitsu
juju-jitsu/sub-commands/open-port your-primary-service 443

https://your-public-ip/ should be SSL, and should be using SPDY if you try it in Chrome/Chromium/Firefox.

This is a rough cut, and not in the charm store yet for obvious reasons, and when I tested it it didn’t even serve the right page, but, at least the error was served over SPDY, heh. But you can immediately see that by using a subordinate charm you can add on a feature to an existing charm, making it a nice way to test something new and shiny.

We’re in #juju on freenode if you want to start whacking on this and making it more deployable, find bugs, and finish the implementation, we can then make this a nice option for Ubuntu Server users. Happy spdying!