Ubuntu OpenWeek, 2-4 May on Freenode

2-4 May in #ubuntu-classroom

It’s that time of the year folks. Tomorrow you get a shiny new Operating System, and next week we’ll have an IRC workshop where you can find cool new things to do with it. Here’s the schedule:

Ubuntu OpenWeek Schedule

Don’t forget, the Ask Mark session will be on Tuesday at 2100UTC. Due to scheduling conflicts this will be the kick off session on Tuesday, then we have sessions Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Some of you might be wondering why we’ve consolidated it to three days. It’s actually the same number of sessions as we’ve always had, we’ve just extended the length of each day so we could have more sessions concentrated in a shorter period, this will hopefully lead to more attendees instead of being spread thin over a week.

We still have 4 slots, so if you want to claim them come find me, I’m always looking for instructors and we can always add more slots if we have instructors, so if you want to teach a class, ping me.