Juju Now in Debian Unstable

Thanks to Clint Byrum juju is now available in Debian Sid.

In case you missed it, Brandon Holtsclaw has also announced the first cut of RPM packages. You might remember Brandon from such hits as the OSX Client.

Do note that this is the juju client, lots of things need to happen in order for juju to spawn other distributions, like they need to support cloud-init, generate cloud-init enabled images and publish those as AMIs, etc. We won’t be pursuing that work for other distributions as it requires knowledge of build and image systems and that sort of stuff. However Clint will be publishing a wiki page with the work needed to accomplish this if another distribution wants to take that work and run with it, we think it should be straightforward.

Thanks to Mark Terranova from Fedora for his help, and to the Debian Developers and ftpmasters who processed it in Debian.

You can find us in #juju on Freenode if you have any feedback on the packages.