Democratizing the Cloud - Here Comes Native OpenStack Support for Juju

If you were at OSCON you might have seen Mark Shuttleworth demo the newly landed native OpenStack provider for Juju on HP Cloud. This further expands people’s choices on where they want to deploy their environments. We’ll provide the tools and OS, you choose your providers; Amazon, HP Cloud, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, your own OpenStack, or just your pile of bare metal.

Not happy with your cloud provider? Export your environment and import it into your new cloud provider, all with the same tools. Providers will compete on things like price, performance, reliability, service, and all the things we love about consumer choice.

jitsu export -e aws | jitsu import -e hpcloud -

Your three tier architecture with database replication, caching, load balancers, all the things that makes up your scalabale architecture. Export out of one environment and into another.

Yeah, really.

It doesn’t make your coffee or do data migration (yet), but this is just the beginning. The fact that this is even possible has us really excited about providing people choice on how they want to run their infrastructure. In the past our OpenStack support was through the EC2 compatible API, but now we support OpenStack natively. This opens the door to deploy on OpenStack-based clouds, starting with HP Cloud.

Here’s the docs if you want to start browsing it now. You’ll find the new provider in the Juju PPA if you want to dive in and get started. Thanks to Martin Packman for working on this highly-requested feature. This feature is still under rapid development, so some of the configuration options will change, but you can certainly play with it now.

Looking for some examples? Our mighty community contributors Brandon Holtsclaw and Marco Ceppi have added some example configs for you to get started with right away:

Looking for help? Join us in #juju on Freenode if you want to get deploying! And don’t worry, we’re working on Rackspace Cloud still, so look forward to that. We’re supporting Essex and HP’s cloud, we’re just waiting for Folsom to solidify a bit more.

And what are you going to deploy on these clouds? Well that’s really up to you, but we have 90 services ready to go for you.