Easier Installation for Everyone With the Ubuntu Button

A while back Jono mentioned the Download for Ubuntu campaign, which we spread the use of the download for ubuntu button. Like this:

You should install Banshee, it’s awesome:

Install via the software center

Hey not bad! And while this is great, we can do a better job of not just spreading this to application authors, but in other areas of Ubuntu as well. Tonight as I was swamped by incoming submitted edits to Ask Ubuntu I thought, hey, we have a bunch of places where we could use this button, and it’d be easy for people to submit edits and make each answer better and better. When someone google’s “How do I install foo on Ubuntu?” it’d be nice to see that big honkin’ button.

So check this out, it’s a google search of every place there’s a “sudo apt-get install” that doesn’t have a “Download for Ubuntu” button. We’ve also filtered out “ppa” and “error” to make the list more useful:

It’s easy; go through those results and if you see an answer with a “sudo apt-get install” that can be enhanced with an Ubuntu button, ADD IT! Just click “Improve this answer” and add the following (adjust for the package name):

[![Install via the software center](http://hostmar.co/software-banner)](https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/banshee)

Here’s one I did for this question:

Easy and simple, and I’ve even left the CLI stuff there for you UNIX purists. Slick and easy way to help make things easier for new users and earn a little bit of reputation on the side. Win win!

  • Full instructions here - I also wouldn’t mind any help tweaking the search to be more specific and useful for people. Happy hunting!