How We Ran the Scheduler for the Linux Plumbers Conference

One of the great things about the cloud is how easily you can spin stuff up when you need it, and then get rid of it when you don’t. This makes it “easy” to toss deployments up for things. So, if you attended the Linux Plumber’s Conference you might have seen something like this, which is Summit, the wonderful piece of OSS that runs the Ubuntu Developer Summits.

So, why not eat our own dogfood and host this thing in the cloud, and deployed by juju? So we did. Working together with Summit maintainer Chris Johnston, we deployed and managed the schedule via juju. At the time we needed to do some things to make it rock solid. Things that we don’t need to do today, like branching and freezing it from VCS, but hey, we learned a ton of things and got to see Summit deployed in a way that helps another project, woo. Mark’s blog has all the details.

Like our work with Wordpress, we’re generalizing this work into a more generic Django charm. Why? Because every django author should be able to grab their project and deploy it easily in the cloud. If you’re interested in helping out, come talk to us!

Django not your thing? I’m looking for help with Pyramid, nodejs, Rails, and $your_favorite_web_platform too!