A Blank Slate for LAMP

We all like to think that there’s a bit of Michelangelo in us. Give us a block and we’ll forge something nice.

While work continues on making node.js, rails, and Django applications as easy to deploy in the Cloud as possible, sometimes people just want a blank block.

Let’s check out a timeless classic, LAMP.

Victor Palau’s made this real easy for those of you who want to start with a blank LAMP slate. His new LAMP charm just gives you a blank stack, ready to be related to MySQL, and will even copy your website over to the running deployment, or if you wish, pull it from version control instead.

Time to scale? Stick an haproxy in front and just add-unit. Pretty cool. The automated deployment of your website to the instance is real nice too, how many times has a new developer asked you how to write to /var/www? ? If I could go back in time with these tools I would just have developers test and commit to version control and let the charm do all the deployment and orchestration work. It’s nice to have version controlled data in a charm.

So that’s a simple LAMP charm that anyone can fire up and get their app on the cloud. What’s next? Well it’d be nice to see the charm support things like git locations, and more importantly, this would be a nice start for two charms we need very badly in Ubuntu, Zend and Symfony.

Deploying either of these two technologies on the cloud? Ping me if you’re interested, it’d be totally slick to get those frameworks in the Charm Store out-of-the-box!