Apache Support in WordPress Charm Now Available

The way to run WordPress in the cloud got better last week as Marco Ceppi continues to add improvements to the WordPress Juju Charm.

First off is the new WordPress 3.5, which has been available to Juju users since it was released with a simple juju upgrade-charm wordpress. Nice.

For this week Marco’s added some options for the kind of webserver used in the charm. Out of the box we’ve been using nginx, which is great, but some organizations prefer using things that are more known to them, and since Apache is available in Ubuntu’s main repository and supported for 5 years, why not have the option? So now you can switch the webserver with the following command:

juju set wordpress engine=apache2

And your deployment will reconfigure itself to server with Apache instad of nginx. You still get the nice auto load balancing (without the need for a proxy instance), but you lose some memcached integration (see the README for more). Ready to switch back?

juju set wordpress engine=nginx 

You can just switch back and forth if you’d like, it’s kind of cool to run the command, wait a few minutes, and hit F5 in your browser to see it switch back and forth. For those of you watching/hoping for nginx to be included in Ubuntu’s main repository, you can follow this blueprint. Enjoy!