Juju GUI Now Easily Deployable in the Charm Store

The Juju GUI is a great way to visualize your deployment:

We’ve had a live demo site that let’s you play with the latest build of the Juju GUI so you could get a feel for what it’s like. But deploying the Juju GUI wasn’t really simple. Ideally you’d just juju deploy the gui the same way you do any other service in your environment. As of today it’s now possible to deploy the GUI into an existing Juju deployment.

Here are the instructions to deploy, but basically you do juju deploy juju-gui, and then juju expose juju-gui and then hit the public URL from your cloud provider.

Everything you can do in the Juju command line you can do via the GUI:

Even if you’re orchestrating your deployments via the command line and you’re not into these newfangled graphical interfaces, it’s nice to be able to visualize a deployment. And since you can deploy and remove the GUI just like you can any other service in the environment, you can deploy it if you need it, and remove it when you don’t. Here’s some more pictures of the GUI in action: