The Most Frightening Thing in the History of Frightening Things

Sometimes I wonder, given all the things that have ever lived, what would scare me the most?

In today’s world we have Orcas and white sharks in the water, lions and tigers on land. And though not really scary, you probably don’t want to mess with a Cape Buffalo. There are definately extinct species that can really scare you, any kind of Tyrannosaurus or Spinosaurs are scary. If you don’t want to be eaten by one large dinosaur then being mauled by a bunch of large pack hunting chickens doesn’t sound like a particularly fun way to go either.

But there’s one thing that just frightens the hell out of me, Dunkleosteus. A large bony fish from the Devonian (~370mill years ago), this guy is the honey badger of extinct fish; first off, look at this skull:

Norwood Matt


This thing is just a swimming nightmare, I mean, come on, ya gotta be kidding …

I even found this (uncredited) pic, not my idea of a good time:

So basically you take an Alien’s head from Alien and attach it to a fish. It doesn’t even have teeth. Those “teeth” you see are actually extensions of it’s skull; it’s basically skull teeth.