Juju Core 1.9.8 Released

David Cheney passes along that Juju core 1.9.8 has now been released.

For those not familiar with Juju core, it is the rewrite branch of Juju in golang. The team is now close to feature parity with the Python version, we expect to have something real nice for you by 13.04. :)

My favorite feature here is a real small one, an idea passed along to the team by Rick Spencer. juju generate-config -w will now spit out a configuration file for you. We’ve documented a bunch of providers in there, so out of the box you’ll get AWS, OpenStack, HP Cloud, and the local provider in the config file all commented out, you’ll be able to just paste in your creds and go. This is much nicer than trading snippets with friends.

Here’s the changelog, make sure you check it out, there are still some limitations, like lack of constraints, so be aware. Expect a summarized report on the Go version soon, we’ve inherited some great new features, including better multiplatform support, you’ll find 1.9.8 is working for OSX now.