Ubuntu Forums Upgraded!

Finally, one of the longest RT tickets in history has been fixed, the Ubuntu Forums have finally been upgraded to vBulletin 4. Many thanks to the Forums Council, the CC, the Canonical IS team, and an untold number of people who helped make this happen. I feel like we have reached the end of the internet. Of course now, this also means that there will be a new vBulletin tomorrow and we get to start all over. Yay.

One particularly horrible pain point we had was OpenID integration. We needed help with this, and I had a hard time finding someone who could help us out. I was desperate, and put out a call for help.

And in rode Kyle A. Baker, on his pale PHP horse. And busted out the plugin. Done. I asked Kyle how he could be so awesome, so he passed this along to me.

My contributions have ranged from simple how-to blog posts, automated scripts, bug reporting, implementing new features for existing applications, debugging and fixing web cam support in GSPCA for the Microsoft vx-1000 web cam (which are now included in the Kernel by default since back in 2010), the vBulletin 4 OpenID plug-in and many other odds and ends.

Usually my preferred Linux environment is Ubuntu +1 (aka alpha/beta/pre-release), watching the changes that roll in and watching Ubuntu evolve in general. I love the direction that Linux is moving in and hope more people will continue to step forward and volunteer their time towards developing a quality community experience. I’m always interested in helping out on open source projects that benefit everyone, so if you’re looking for volunteers just ping me. Following me on Twitter at @kyleabaker. FOSS for the win!

Without Kyle we’d be in a sad state, so I’d like to thank him for his work, and that goes for everyone involved in cracking this nut, it was a tough one. Beers on me.

Also I bet James Troup that he’d never get the forums upgraded by the “next UDS”. I thought I was going to win, especially with UDS now being a month earlier, but alas, he won with 2 days to spare. Not bad Obama … not bad.