Node.js, Django, and Rails Updates for Cloud Users

We’ve had a breakneck pace of Juju progress over the past few months, I’m going to attempt to summarize all the fabulous work the Ubuntu community has been working on to make deploying applications in the cloud a rockin’ experience.

The Node.js, Django, and Rails charms are what we call “platform charms”. The idea here is to whip up a quick config telling juju where your application lives (github, etc.), then you just pass that along to juju and it’ll deploy your app in the cloud. Check this out for an example. Ideally with these charms we can make any applications written in these stacks to be instantly deployable with little to no work by the user.


  • Marius B. Kotsbak has been working on our Node.js charm. His first is to add support for updating the user application.
  • Marius has a blueprint with how he expects the node charm’s behavior will be fleshed out.
  • Feel free to ping Marius or myself if you’re a node.js developer and interested in helping out.


  • Patrick Hetu and Bruno Girin have been on a roll lately, check out this post to the django-user’s mailing list asking for feedback on their Django work.


Lots of activity in Rails this week, thanks to Pavel Pachkovskij from Altoros Inc.

  • A Rack charm that let’s you deploy a rack application.
  • And you have your choice of which webserver you want to deploy with it, either apache2-passanger, or nginx-passenger.
  • And lastly (not in the store yet), there’s an addition of the God monitoring framework, which you can use as a subordinate charm to monitor your deployed stack.

Not a bad set of updates for Rails, we’re hoping that by 14.04 we’ll have a fully instrumented Rack stack that will be tested and scalable for everyone.


  • Stuart Bishop has added master/slave replication to the Postgres charm. You can find out how to use it in the README.
  • Antonio Rosales demoed setting up replicasets with the MongoDB charm at MongoDB Austin.

Other updates

And those are just the highlights, a ton of work continues to go into one of our most important set of charms, OpenStack, too many to list here, we’ll just show you at ODS, heh.

  • What will become Juju 2.0 has now released version 1.9.11 for your testing pleasure, this is the first time the 2.0 series can run on HP Cloud, so we could use some testing there.

Come check us out at any one of these events in 2013 if you’re interested in learning more.