Newsblur Volunteer Wanted!

I’m looking for a volunteer to write up a charm for Newsblur, which is a host your own OSS news reader. We can’t stop Google Reader from going away, but we can certainly help people deploy Newsblur to the cloud. So I’m looking for someone to make the words “Newsblur can be deployed to the cloud from Ubuntu out of the box” a reality.

We have django, rabbit, mongo, and postgres in the charm store already, so you don’t have to start from scratch. People will probably also want an “all in one” charm that will let them run them all on one machine, but also will want the flexibilty of frontends so it can scale, since presumably people will want to start getting into the hosted reader business.

Either way ping me or join us in #juju to get started. As far as other newsreaders go, we already have Owncloud in the charm store, hopefully Nathan Williams will upgrade it for us over the next few days, so we’ve got you covered there too.

Any other OSS readers we should look at charming up?