Looking to Deploy OpenStack? Ubuntu Has You Covered

One of the coolest technologies we ship in Ubuntu is OpenStack. Canonical is proud to be a Platinum Member of the OpenStack Foundation board, and we take shipping an awesome OpenStack very seriously. As of (right now) you’ll find OpenStack “Grizzly” in our Cloud Archive.

So what is it? Last September we announced something that is uniquely to Ubuntu: Fully tested and supported backports of the latest OpenStack to our LTS release. Here’s what it looks like:

So if you’re looking to deploy OpenStack, we’ve not only got OpenStack, but we’re building a set of tools to help you manage and deploy your services on top. Toss in a bit of Metal-as-a-Service and Juju and you’ll be all set to deploy over 120 services right off the bat. Not bad.

Here’s the wiki page with instructions on how to get started on OpenStack, and do stop by our booth at the OpenStack Summit, where we’ll show you how you can use these tools to get you up and running as quickly and easily as possible.