What Is Going on With Juju for 10 April

Here are the notes from the weekly charm call. Anyone is welcome to join, due to a snafu on the weather knocking out my internet for the beginning we weren’t able to record it, I will fix that for next week:

Kapil T. brought up that he’s working on some AWS-specific charms and was asking if prefixing provider-specific charms was a good idea: http://jujucharms.com/search?search_text=aws No one objected to this being a bad idea.

You can follow along his AWS charms by checking out recently changed: http://jujucharms.com/recently-changed

Nick Veich (evilnick) has been working on the docs and has a sneak peek:

Also note that we’re planning on integrating screencasts with the documentation itself, in 5-7 minute snippets. I mentioned that Mark Ramm pointed out the coolest script you’ll read about today:

This allows us to “record” screencasts as replayable demos. Very cool, and will allow us to reshare demos without worrying about fat fingering a live talk. Antonio wanted to point out that we should also investigate integrating the Juju content from Ask Ubuntu right into the documentation itself:

Marco wanted to share some of the work he’s been doing on charm runner:

and lastly … we had Aaron Bentley and Curtis Hovey from the charmworld team asking specifically what exactly is the “charm store”. Right now it’s possible for anyone in ~charmers to push a branch that has not been promulgated into the store to show up in the web UI, and that’s not ideal. Examples include “shelr.tv” and “ubuntu”: http://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/ubuntu

The team agreed this is something we need to fix and right around then we ran out of time.