Juju Charm Ecosystem Status for 5 June 2013

Charm Tools

  • No major changes this week

Charm Helpers

  • “Core” package available as Python library. “programmable” forking interface coming soon
  • No easy way to install and use at the moment (no ppa, pip, etc) must branch in to charm


  • GUI team using testing plug-in and giving feedback / proposals.
  • Harness coming out this week to streamline testing


  • Landing Real soon now, UI stuff is done.
  • Just relocated into juju core. lp https://launchpad.net/juju-core/docs
  • What team should “own” docs?
  • docs should follow juju-core milestones

Blockers on Trello

  • Still waiting on backports/PPA for 12.04.
  • Still stuck on removing drupal6 from the store.

Charm Framework updates

  • Jeff and Mims need to start working on node.js.
  • Rails, blocking on arosales
  • gunicorn - Patrick Hetu has redone the Gunicorn charm as a subordinate. ~charmers overall think this is a great direction to explore, having the app be the primary, and the webserver be the subordinate. Nice job Patrick!