What Is Going on With Juju? June 12 Edition

Charm Tools

  • Similar to last week, no real big changes, Marco will hit these after he’s done with testing.
  • We need to update the review queue charm schools, the website queue fixed the “time to first response”, but the CLI tool is behind. Mims to bust it out.

Charm Helpers

  • adam_g landing some fixes to charm helpers.
    • openstack utility fixes
    • improve test coverage
    • jamespage added some intelligent restarting bits and some reorg too, thanks -server team!
  • Wedgewood stops by to provide an update
    • Most items in contrib have been moved to the library, it’s shaping up!
    • Nick Moffit is working on the CLI to helpers, making it available to all languages
  • If you find yourself doing things over and over again, talk to them and file feature bugs!


  • plugins good to go - more changes to land due to feedback from the GUI team.
    • GUI team dogfooding this harness and plugin, thanks guys!
  • harness
    • End of month target for all of this to land. June 28th!
    • Mims to blog about the framework/harness, part 1 almost done.


  • now live at https://launchpad.net/juju-core/docs
    • Yes, we’re moving docs back into core so we can version along with core. I know right.
  • Anyone can contribute branches, even Jorge did, and he’s not smart, you are out of excuses!
  • Jade templates are kind of tempermental formatting wise, Nick investigating dropping them and doing pure HTML to lower the barrier to entry.
    • investigate how we proceede with Jade post the navigation settling being defined.
  • Nick thinks we can go live now
    • What do we need to go live?
  • videos ongoing, assigned out upgradees and destroying services
  • todos:
    • link mapping (marco)
    • versioning (nick)
    • where to host old and new docs (arosales to follow up RT with IS).
    • decide how to handle getting started docs on juju.ubuntu.com (jorge)
  • Next action: evilnick to bring old user author docs by June 17
    • arosales will open RT
  • Looking to have docs complete by June 28.

Charm Framework updates

  • Rails/Rack unblocked via Antonio, we should have work landing soon!
  • no updates on node.js from jeff/mims, but Joynet is interested in checking them out and contributing.
    • Part 2 of the charm school this Friday will be node again.
  • Mims would like to see preinstallation of packages, is now considering this a blocker for platforms charms.
    • Framework communities will want these.
    • Jorge/Antonio to bring this up with core team. Here’s the bug.
    • need a tag in juju-core bugs to show user-feedback/contribution growth
    • New charm! Liferay! Needs a second round of review.


  • OSCON - People need to rate/categorize charms, ~charmers!!
    • need charms to have ratings, icons, and categories
  • Strata still pending.
  • Mims still in progress for his epic data plumbing talk at Stanford.

Blockers on Trello

  • Backports of goju to 12.04
    • Still in progress

Goals for upcoming week

  • Mims: 0mq and storm
  • mims preping for Stanford talk
  • evilnick working on moving charm author docs content over
  • arosales finding a hosting place
  • arosales move docs to new branch
  • marco working on next iteration of testing harness
  • jorge,arosales to follow on on pre-install hooks with juju-core
  • Everyone: Work on docs!!
  • Everyone: When you touch a charm, rate it, categorize it, see if you can give it an icon.
  • Do your docs videos!