Psychocat Ubuntu Tutorials Are Now CC Licensed!

Some of you might know the Psychocats Ubuntu Linux Resources series of tutorials. These are tutorials maintained by Ubuntu Forum staffer aysui.

Due to time constraints the site hasn’t been kept up to date, and as anyone who has every tried to maintain something by yourself you’ll know that that’s a bunch of work.

So, I asked aysui if relicensing the content to Creative Commons was an option. This would enable the community to snag the content and keep it up to date. aysiu agreed that this is a good idea. The Psychocat tutorials are now CC, which means instead of bitrotting, the community can maintain them. This is a great gift to the community! Thanks aysiu!

Now that the door to reuse the content is open we need to get to work. Where will the stuff live? How can we start updating it, and so on.

If you want to dive in, here’s the forums’s thread if you want to get started.