Juju Ecosystem Report for 26 June

Here’s the latest on the world of Juju Charms!

Charm Tools and Helpers and Testing

  • Marco on holiday, escapes our torment.


  • Nick’s vengeance is upon us.
  • Removed the jade dependency, pure HTML now.
  • Docs go live, probably tomorrow! (Thursday)
  • Public shaming time:
    • Nick did only 2 videos.
    • Jorge only did one.
    • Everyone else blew off the requirement and should be publicly flogged.
  • Need to do .htaccess for the URLs.

Framework updates

  • Welcome Pavel & Co, working on Rack charm, it will be awesome.
  • Patrick Hetu’s work reviewed and in for gunicorn.

Goals from last week and this week.

  • Mims to sync with Dave on juju-core pre-install hooks: TODO still
  • Mims: 0mq and storm: 2 out of 10, coming along.
  • Mims prepping for Stanford talk: In progress. :)
  • Everyone: When you touch a charm, rate it, categorize it, see if you can give it an icon.
  • Do your docs videos!
  • People who did not do docs/videos this week and need to be embarrassed
    • Jorge Castro 50% fail
    • Antonio Rosales 100% fail
    • Mark Mims 100% fail
    • Marco Ceppi 100% fail
    • nick: 4 videos - 50% FAIL, only 2/4, 2 still TODO
  • utlemming: on vacation
  • marco: vacation


  • revision files no longer needed in charms, so if you see them, blow it away!
  • Mark to edit charm proof to not complain about revision file missing.


  • Charm this School this Friday!
  • Prep for OSCON on schedule!