Share Your Infrastructure, Win a Prize

If you haven’t been noticing, the trend towards larger and more complex systems seems to be accelerating. All the interesting talks aren’t even just about services. It’s about entire stacks of things. Here’s a diagram of the Obama campaign’s AWS infrastructure. Look at that thing, that looks more like a CPU diagram than anything else.

Since people love to use Ubuntu in the cloud, we find ourselves kind of in the middle of this evolution; the kind of world where the data center is the work unit, not the individual machine. As such we’ve been working on Juju, which is all about services and relations. Here’s what a stack in Juju looks like, sorry it’s not as impressive as the President’s.

I love looking at other people’s dotfiles. You really learn by reading other people’s dotfiles. Everything from their web server config to configuring a text editor. We strongly believe that in the cloud your combination of services and relations is the new dotfile. It might be a diagram like I’ve shown you, or it might be a YAML export of your entire deployment. (Don’t worry, it’ll be a text file, we’re not heretics you know.) Either way it’s not just about your single service anymore.

I don’t really want to see your individual /etc/mysql/my.cnf anymore. I want to see how you configure the masters and slaves, along with a monitoring stack, along with how you’re backing it all up. How does it talk to your web heads, and how do they do all these things? What are you using for logging and monitoring? How does it tie into your databases and your webheads? How do you configure those things to do what you want? Now we’re talking about something interesting!

So here’s the deal:

We want you to charm up your infrastructure, and we want you to share it with the community.

Welcome to the Charm Championship:

  • You will grab Juju and deploy the Juju GUI.
  • Grab all the things you need from the ~130 services available in the Charm Store
  • Build me your brutal infrastructure. We want to see your monitoring stacks, your backup solutions, everything that you need to run your service or business. Is a charm missing? Build it and submit it. Is a charm not doing what you need it to do? Fix it.
  • Got some secret sauce? That’s ok, charms let you do what you want, deliver your secret payload how you wish, you’re only submitting your charms and your environment.
  • You have until October 1st to put pencils down. You have all summer to build something amazing.
  • Export your infrastructure from the GUI, submit the YAML file via github.

Earn some cold hard cash

We’ll be giving away a total of USD $30,000 in major prize money.

  • $10,000 to the individual or team that submits the most kickass High Availability solution.
  • $10,000 to the individual or team that submits the best Data Mining solution. There’s tons of datasets out there, or perhaps you have your own.
  • $10,000 to the individual or team that submits the most complete Monitoring solution. We want to see who can put together a monitoring stack that people will love.

On top of that, people who maintain charms in the Juju Charm Store are eligible for prizes. If you maintain a charm, every time your charm is used in a winning stack you get $200, for a maximum of $3,000 in each category. That means you might need to team up with the contestants to get the features they need in your charm and get them in the store so you can all win a little green. Work with all the contestants to maximize your chances!

Rules and how to enter

Everything you need is linked from: