Quick and Easy OpenVPN With Ubuntu

Here’s a cool gift to the community from charm hero John Patterson.

We now have a full OpenVPN Access Server ready to deploy in the Juju Charm Store.

Deployment is easy:

juju deploy openvpn-as
juju set openvpn-as password=mycoolnewvpn
juju expose openvpn-as

The just a quick juju status to get the public address and hit it with http://ipaddress/admin to configure the VPN server. Then you’re done, you have an OpenVPN server.

Of course to use a VPN you need to configure your clients, thankfully John has included instructions for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Using OpenVPN commercially? No worries, there’s even an option to pass along your OpenVPN license to the deployment after the fact. There’s also some other goodies in there you’ll want to check out.

One current limitation is that you do need a bootstrapped environment to deploy this, so for individuals it might be cost restrictive to run 2 instances, but if you’re a larger organization with multiple users this won’t be an issue. Still, work continues to allow for multiple services to run on the same machine, and we should have a nice, single-machine OpenVPN solution for you by the end of the summer.

In the meantime, enjoy OpenVPN, nice work John!