Juju Now Available for OSX

UPDATE: Juju is now in Homebrew - go check it out!

I am pleased to announce that Juju now has Mac OSX builds. You can find them here. You can now orchestrate your AWS, HP Cloud, and OpenStack deployments right from your Mac.

The docs are still generating but the workflow is pretty simple. Untar the tarball and run the binary. If you’re familiar with Macports or Homebrew and want to chip in getting us in those places please contact me.

While you’re checking out Juju make sure you check out our Charm Championship, where we’re giving away 3 $10k prizes for interesting stacks built with Juju Charms.

We’ve got 137 services ready for your to deploy and modify to your needs. Or just deploy right from github via our Rack and node.js charms.