Juju Ecosystem Report for 17 July

General Info:



  • Changes in -tools will land next week.
  • More fixes/features to -helpers from Matt, James, Adam, and Liam. Thanks guys!
  • Programmable API (shell interface) work for -helpers will begin next week.
  • lp:amulet released last week, release today with deployer integration, “1.0” by the end of the week.
    • Documentation and blog post/video and examples on how to use amulet to help you write functional tests for your charms.


  • juju.ubuntu.com/docs
  • Rewrite of the author docs in progress, will go live at the latest by Monday. (Main priority)
  • Added instructions for OSX client (check out the slick CSS thing)
  • Marco added revisions to the pages so we can tell when the docs are built.
  • Discussion on how to syndicate content to developer.ubuntu.com
  • Syncing with Cheney on adding local provider docs.

## Charm updates

  • http://jujucharms.com/recently-changed
  • Rack Charm (Pavel from Altoros)
    • Started last week.
    • Working on “Heroku-like” deployment workflow.
    • Postgres relation works, adding MySQL and MongoDB next.
    • To add: Logstash and Nagios.
    • Running source code updates should work now.
  • OpenAS is now in the store, thanks to John Patterson



  • OSCON next.
  • AWS
  • Need to submit Juju talks

Charm Championship!!! \o/


Use this for recording your videos:

recordmydesktop --freq=22050 --buffer-size 96000 --width 1024 --height 768 --fps 24 -x 6 -y 96 --delay 3 -o "juju-screencast-scale.ogv"

Change the -x and -y to match position of your vm display


  • [jorge] Get queue for charm proof errors for Audits: Done
  • [m_3] sync with jorge and marco on test driven charming for OSCON: INPROGRESS
    • marco to finalize OSCON details with m_3
  • [arosales] scaling video: INPROGRESS
  • [marco] upgrades video: INPROGRESS
  • [arosales] to walk through docs: DONE
  • [arosales] Add file server category: DONE
  • [all] Charm Championship get folks involved ! github.com/juju: INPROGRESS
  • [pavel] 1st iteration of Rails charm: INPROGRESS
  • [pavel] email list on continuous deployment story using Rails charm: INPROGRESS
  • [jorge] OSCON and Juju talk delivery:
  • [evilnick] Charm Author docs structure
  • [marco] Changes to charm-tools update
  • [marco] amulet completed deployer integration