If You Can Afford an iPhone, You Can Afford an Ubuntu Edge Pledge

One of the comments I’ve been hearing is that the Ubuntu Edge is too expensive, and that it’s not in line with what people expect financially.

American’s especially are accustomed to this. I’ve argued this with friends and family, who still can’t understand why I would pay “so much money” for a Nexus 4 when they’re literally giving away phones at carriers or $199 iPhones. Nevermind that a simple calculation shows that in the end they’re paying not only the full cost of the phone, but even more to the carrier for the subsidy!

Check this out:

Now check the hardware specifications of the Edge. Not so crazy now is it? Well, the idea is still crazy but think about it. You’re pledging for what a top of the line phone costs today.

The Edge isn’t about pledging to replace your phone now, it’s about doing it a year from now. Looking at the specs on my Nexus 4 right now and where the Edge will be, I’m investing in an upgrade. It’s a tougher sell if you’re a Nexus-only kind of guy like me, but doubling up to support Ubuntu is an easier sell for me as a supporter of the project. However if you’re an iPhone kind of person, seems like a nice get-out-of-gilded-cage card to me.