Juju Ecosystem Status for 14 August

General Info:


  • Halfway through Charm Charmpionship
  • We now have debug-hooks!
  • Improvements to the local provider
  • 1.12 stable in ppa:juju/stable ppa
  • 1.13.1 development release in ppa:/juju/devel



  • In progress, and when Marco returns there will be more info and details on how to run and purpose of project.


  • No updates


  • No updates


  • Nick is off today
  • Feedback from -core to improve docs
    • Improve “the first 30 minute” experience
    • Includes improvements to front page
    • Draft pages from old-docs need review to see if they are appropriate to new docs.
  • Figure out the header situation. Specifically, duplicaton of the navigatoin in each page.
  • Update/Confirm instructions
  • General meeting on the docs experience including UX tsting

Charm updates

  • Recently Changed
  • New Rack Charm, more details on this charming coming (list and blog post).
  • Review queue down to 5 items – thanks m_3 and marcoceppi
  • New MapR charm, in review atm.
  • New charm: charybdis IRC server
  • bittornado had some fixes
  • minor Wordpress updates
  • sidnei experimenting with using “evahi” subordiante charm
  • Good fixes


  • Planning has begun for the OpenStack Summit Hong Kong
  • AWS re:Invent
  • Lisa
  • CFP due for Ruby conf at the end of August (m_3)
  • MongoSV this fall/winter

Charm Championship!!! \o/


  • [jorge] Blog about –to: DONE
  • [jorge] Ask Forum moderators to put Juju/Cloud section on the front page: DONE
  • [marco] upgrades video (I missed another week): INPROGRESS
  • [pavel] email list on continuous deployment story using Rails charm: INPROGRESS,
    • [arosales, m_3] To get feedback to pavel: INPROGRESS
  • [evilnick] Charm Author docs structure: INPROGRESS
  • [marco] amulet sentry integration: INPROGRESS
  • [nick] Add local provider getting started docs: TODO
  • [pavel] Work on amulet integration testing: TODO
  • [pavel] Start investigating how to do backup in Rails: TODO
    • in github branch atm.
  • [jorge] Confirm HP install instructoins: TODO
  • [evilnick] Confirm header situration. Specifically, duplicaton of the navigatoin in each page: TODO
  • [marco] Mail list on Amulet instructions, and general information
  • [jorge] To identify draft pages in docs: TODO
  • [m_3] Final review for the Rack charm to go into the Store
  • [m_3] Confirm ruby conf submission
  • [jorge] Update Charm School