Juju Now Available in Homebrew

Thanks to Rodrigo Chacon OSX users can now install Juju via Homebrew:

brew install juju

And then deploy to your heart’s content. Figuring out Juju? Well, as you learn you should think about submitting to the Juju Charm Championship, where we’re giving away over $30k in prizes to people/organizations who want to share their infrastructure expertise with the community.

What is Juju? Juju is an orchestration tool to get your services and code from your laptop to your cloud as fast and easy as possible. We’ve got over 130 services ready for you to deploy either via the CLI tool or the Juju GUI, which you can deploy on your own cloud too. We have common infrastructure charms, or just deploy right from github via our Rack and node.js charms.

Juju also deploys what we call “micro clouds” on your laptop via LXC containers – this allows you to test your application on your laptop just as if it was deployed on AWS/HP Cloud/OpenStack.

Here’s a small deployment of Wordpress on a single node, or you can check out how to deploy OpenStack graphically via the Juju GUI.