Juju Charm Ecosystem Status for 21 August

General Info:


  • Charm Contest about 50% through, (ends Oct 1.)
  • Juju in OSX client officially in Homebrew (Thanks Rodrigo)
  • also be able to get development versions landing soon in the brew receipe
  • Also an opportunity to leverage Juju in the Netflix Cloud Prize
  • New charm school schedule posted, charm school this Friday – getting started with the local provider


Charm Tools:

  • charm create gives you a working charm, previous failed charm lint
  • gives example of every hooks available,
  • config.yaml example – types of config options
  • one other update
  • Also working on full Python port

Charm Helpers

  • Merge proposal for a programable API to use helpers with other languages.
  • from wedgwood


  • Just about ready for 1.0
    • Release this week!
  • ReadMe has doc updates

Jenkins Testing

  • Need a review of the current status of charms after Jenkins being down.


  • Restructuring in progress.
  • Incoming contributions.
  • Merge landing later on today
    • Improved instructions on how to add pages, and set up local docs.
  • image id types to come back to the docs once it is added back to juju-core (1.13 >)
  • Suggestion for charm author docs to be added to developer.ubuntu.com in addition to juju.ubuntu.com
  • New core features that need docs:
    • Local provider
    • Debug Hooks
    • deploy –to
    • –constraints
  • Need to evaluate old docs “drafts” and see what needs to come forward.
  • Marco explained what cpu-power constraint does, not documented, Jorge to talk to core about documenting providers.
  • jamespage says we should do /docs and “/next/docs”, overall agreement that this is a good idea

Bundles and Deployer

Charm Updates


  • OhioLinuxFest Juju talk!
  • vUDS - Aug 27-29

Charm Championship!!! \o/


  • [marco] upgrades video (I missed another week): INPROGRESS
  • [pavel] email list on continuous deployment story using Rails charm: INPROGRESS
    • [arosales, m_3] To get feedback to pavel: INPROGRESS
  • [evilnick] Charm Author docs structure: INPROGRESS
  • [marco] amulet sentry integration: DONE
  • [nick] Add local provider getting started docs: TODO
  • [pavel] Work on amulet integration testing: TODO
  • [pavel] Start investigating how to do backup in Rails: DEFERRED
    • in github branch atm.
  • [jorge] Confirm HP install instructions: DONE, updated AU, filed bug for docs.
  • [evilnick] Confirm header situration. Specifically, duplicaton of the navigatoin in each page: DONE
  • [marco] Mail list on Amulet instructions, and general information: TODO
  • [jorge] To identify draft pages in docs: INPROGRESS
  • [m_3] Final review for the Rack charm to go into the Store: INPROGRESS
  • [m_3] Confirm ruby conf submission: INPROGRESS
  • [jorge] Update Charm School list on juju.ubuntu.com: DONE
  • [marco] Charm Tools port to full python: INPROGRESS
  • [jorge] Openstack bundle deployment thing from jamespage.