Juju Charm Championship: $60k in Prizes

In case you’ve missed it on Insights we’ve made some updates to the Juju Charm Championship.

First off we’ve added three new categories, Continuous Deployment, Media, and Telco. That brings the total amount of categories up to six, for a total of USD $60,0000 in prizes, with bonus prizes to charm maintainers whose charms are used in winning bundles.

Here’s all the categories

  • NEW! Continuous deployment – a bundle of charms that allows startups to be immediately productive, continually launch new features, and scale effortlessly
  • NEW! Media – a bundle of charms that brings value to media content providers, distributors, and associated mass medium technologies
  • NEW! Telco – a bundle of charms that brings value to telecommunications service providers and telecommunications infrastructure
  • High Availability – a bundle of charms for HA-enabled services to accomplish a task
  • Data science/mining – a bundle of charms for data mining and “big data” analysis
  • Monitoring – a bundle of charms that enables new monitoring solutions for existing services

And here’s what we’re looking for

In each category, we’re looking for a charm bundle that really innovates, bringing simplicity and speed to an otherwise complex task. A high quality bundle will reflect best practices of services that run in production and solve “infrastructure gunk” and solve real world problems. The great thing about a charm bundle is that it can then be shared with the community and re-used anywhere, by anyone. That means the smallest start-up can benefit from the same easy deployment as the biggest companies. It’s out-of-the-box infrastructure deployment.

Here’s what a simple bundle looks like. In this example of a Rails application we’ve connected Logstash logging and Nagios monitoring to the application and added a PostgreSQL database.

This is an exciting time in the cloud, we’re moving beyond “here’s a box of Legos, Good luck!” to prebuilt “kits” from shared sophisticated devops to the rest of the community. We believe that raising the high water mark for infrastructure is something that is useful for everyone, from startups to well established enterprises.

Over the next few weeks we’ll announce more of our judges in each category, we’re looking forward to seeing how people solve infrastructure problems.