Juju Charm Ecosystem Status for 11 Sept

Another week, another Juju Charm Meeting!

General Info:


  • Juju manual provisioning first cut!
  • juju.ubuntu.com facelift, looking good!
    • New docs formatting
  • manage.jujucharms.com facelift.


  • Tons happening right now
    • Still going through submissions from the sprint.
    • Docs have been redesigned to match juju.ubuntu.com
    • Creating a new page added to contributing to the docs section: https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/contributing.html
      • Creating a new page in the docs now easy! No more excuses!
  • Author pages getting reviews.
  • New section: Tools
    • This will cover charm-tools and other convenience tools around Juju.
  • MAAS instructions need a redo next to catch up to latest versions.



  • Port to Python completed, 1.0 release pending
  • Features and fixes for 1.1 started


  • Had charm school last friday, here’s the video
  • No new changes since 2013-08-28
  • Several feature branches being worked on, better OpenStack and APT support
  • No CLI updates


  • Version 1.0 nearing release, will be released shortly after charm-tools update
  • Whirlwind of documentation, examples, and blog posts planned
  • “Blocking” charm quality review

Charm Updates

  • http://manage.jujucharms.com/recently-changed
  • Queue needs some work
    • ntpserver charm needed
  • MapR charm ready for a 2nd pass
  • New charm for vpnendpoint
  • Bip ready for 2nd pass
  • Richard’s already tossed in a patch to add a config option remotely administer the charm remotely.


  • OhioLinuxFest Juju talk! 14 September
  • Marco @ Gluster FS Community Days, part of Linux Conf in New Orleans (Sept 19)
  • Update events page

## Charm Championship!!! \o/

Other Topics


  • [marco] upgrades video (I missed another a million trillion weeks): INPROGRESS?
  • [pavel] email list on continuous deployment story using Rails charm: INPROGRESS
  • [arosales, m_3] To get feedback to pavel: DONE
  • [evilnick] Charm Author docs structure: INPROGRESS
  • [nick] Add local provider getting started docs: DONE
  • [pavel] Work on amulet integration testing: TODO
  • [marco] Mail list on Amulet instructions, and general information: TODO
  • [jorge] To identify draft pages in docs: INPROGRESS
  • [m_3] Confirm ruby conf submission: DONE
  • [jorge] Openstack bundle deployment thing from jamespage: INPROGRESS
    • Ping adam_g.
  • [arosales] Update Gluster and Ohio events on juju.u.c/events: TODO
  • [utlemming] Schedule in rails doc testing: TODO
  • [m_3] mapR charm review: TODO