A Very Spooky Charm Status

Juju Charm Ecosystem Status for the 30th of October

General Info



  • 1.1 release coming tomorrow with support for bundles.
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Charm testing template included to create boilerplate Amulet tests.


  • no changes, tons of discussion, please join UDS for the details, here’s high level view:
    • Packaging for charm helpers, so you don’t have to embed them anymore
    • Multiple language support in charm helpers!


  • No changes, there will be more coming based on user feedback, no release date set yet.


  • More work in the charm author docs specifically.
  • Documenting the interfaces is coming
  • config pages getting updated to reflect 1.16.
    • Would also like to rework some of the screenshots (HP Cloud changed again).

Charm Updates

  • http://manage.jujucharms.com/recently-changed
  • Queue @ http://manage.jujucharms.com/tools/review-queue
  • CONTEST OVER! Judging has begun.
  • Owncloud has critical fix in the charm queue, needs to get in asap.

  • Lots of progress clearning it out over the past 2 weeks, we’re almost out of the hole.


What is a bundle?

  • Jorge: Bundles are to charms as metapackages are to packages
  • Marco: But you can define bundles of bundles, so it’s more like a bundle is a source package of a package that has multiple binaries.
  • Ok enough with the analogies, bundles are sets of charms AND relations that represent a workload, you deploy that into your cloud so like.
  • You can export a bundle from your GUI by hitting shift-d, and then share with others
  • You’ll be able to share you bundle with the community, it’s just a simple yaml file.
  • charm tools will lint your bundle!
  • How do we promulgate official bundles?
  • TODO for UDS, we need a session on Bundle policy.


  • http://juju.ubuntu.com/events
  • ODS HongKong (Nov 5-8)
  • LISA’13 (Nov 4) (GlusterFS community days)
  • SCaLE CFP - 15 December
  • RubyConf (Nov 8-10)
  • AWS re:Invent (Nov 12-15)
  • MongoSV (Beginning of Dec, TBD)
  • Charm School schedule will be updated wih the t-cycle

Charm Championship

  • Submissions are in … judging has begun!
  • Announcement TBD.


  • [jorge] Openstack bundle deployment thing from jamespage: SUPERCEDED
    • Cloud installer + we’ll make other bundles for the GUI
  • [m_3] mapR charm review: INPROGRESS
  • [marco] Get 1.0(.1) charm-tools into precise: BLOCKED
  • [marcoceppi] Document SimpleStreams, scrub docs to make sure public-bucket-url and friends are updated: INPROGRESS
  • [jorge] - Local provider troubleshooting: DONE
  • [marcoceppi] - Document local provider troubleshooting: INPROGRESS
  • [jorge] - Document local provider troubleshooting: INPROGRESS
  • [nickveitch] - File a bug to bring -v back (show-log? really?): DONE
  • [nickveitch] - Document tags in the MAAS provider: DONE
  • [nickveitch] - control-bucket is now chosen automatically if omitted from the configuration for new ec2 and openstack environments.: DONE
  • [nickveitch] - admin-secret is now chosen automatically if omitted from the configuration of a new environment.: DONE
  • [jorge] [nickveitch] - Create a logging page. Logging has changed. You can specify an environment variable “JUJU_LOGGING_CONFIG”, or you can specify –log-config on the command line. To show the log on the command line, now use –show-log. The –debug has been kept to be short-hand for “–log-config==DEBUG –show-log”, and –verbose has been deprecated with its current meaning.: TODO
  • [marcoceppi] Document charmhelper http relations: TODO
  • [marcoceppi] Documenting the ~charmers responsibilities: INPROGRESS