Juju Is Now on Github

We’ve got some changes in Juju and the Juju ecosystem that have been landing this week.

Ian Booth announced the move of Juju core to github.com. You can find all our work at: https://github.com/juju.

Workflow instructions for contributing are available in the CONTRIBUTING file. Ian also adds:

Once the dust settles on the migration of juju-core, we’ll also be migrating various dependencies like goose, gwacl, gomaasapi and golxc.

You can find the code for Juju Core at: https://github.com/juju/juju

On a related note, we have a one way mirror of the Juju Charm Store as well: https://github.com/charms

You can combine these with Francesco Banconi’s git-deploy plugin to deploy right from github, as an example:

juju git-deploy charms/mysql

Hopefully 2-way syncing will be possible soon, stay tuned!