70k Nvidia Driver Downloads in 6 Months

It’s been about six months since ricotz and mamarley have brought fresh Nvidia drivers to Ubuntu users. I covered some of this in my SCaLE 14x talk on Ubuntu Gaming. If you missed SCaLE then feel free to check out Liz’s summary.

In that talk I summarized some of the challenges (and victories!) to making our platform be better for gamers. One of the obvious pain points is of course, delivering fresh drivers for people, which can be difficult (especially when it comes to managing regressions). First let’s look at the version breakdown:

346.72: 57
346.96: 292
352.21: 219
352.79: 62
355.06: 3291
355.11: 11483
358.09: 16949
358.16: 22317
361.18: 4076
361.28: 10219

And then by Ubuntu release:

precise: 630
trusty: 30665
vivid: 10908
wily: 21537
xenial: 5225

Trusty wins, no surprise there. Wow, way more people on Xenial than I expected, good to see people are testing our upcoming LTS! And finally, by architecture:

amd64: 65661
armhf: 31
i386: 3273

So when you add them all up, it’s about 70,000 downloads of Nvidia drivers from the PPA in the last six months. This is great, as it means there’s certainly a demand for fresh drivers, but it’s also frightening when you consider the end-user experience of traditional packaging and all the wonderful face punching that entails. But hey, that’s XCOM. Snappy can’t come fast enough!

Want to help? Buy a game and check out ppa:graphics-drivers.

Oh and happy belated Vulkan day!