Whit, Chuck, and Matt are at it again. This “New Workloads Team” has been busy collecting all the hot container technology stacks from around the Open Source space and bringing them hot to you. Docker, etcd, kubes, flannel; all that hot stuff, all nice and bundle-ized for you.

Today the Kubernetes Project is releasing 1.0, and we’ve got everything you need to get a cluster up and running on any of your clouds, as well as baremetal.

Here are the instructions, feel free to kick on them and let us know how it works for you! You’ll find us on #juju and #google-containers on Freenode.

If you’re attending the Spark Summit next week in San Francisco, make sure you check out the Big Data Mine and Mingle we’re throwing at the Thirsty Bear, 16 June @ 8pm. Beer shall be had on us!

Registration/Space is limited, so click through the register button on that spot to reserve your space.

And remember that our Conducting systems and services: an evening about orchestration is happening the week after during DockerCon; space is filling up on that one too, so get in early!

We’ve got some pretty awesome sessions for this week’s Ubuntu Online Summit.

Not only are these sessions planning events for the next cycle, but this time we’ve added a bunch of tutorials and HOWTO content, so not only do you get to see how the sausage is made, you can actually learn stuff.

Here’s what we’re doing today, starting at 1500UTC, you can find more information on the schedule. I’ll post daily “what’s coming posts” in the meantime. We’ll be on #ubuntu-uos-cloud on Freenode IRC and on the hangout at each session’s page (see the links below).


  • What’s new in Juju 1.23 - Juju 1.23 is a major release, in this session we’ll go over all the new features, including storage, actions, and support for Google Cloud engine.

  • Charm debugging - This session will be all about debugging charms, including using juju dhx for quick peer charming.

  • Juju share and Juju SOS - This is a spec review. Marco and I had the idea that people should be able to easily share their session with someone else over the internet (juju share), and that people should be able to easily dump their unit logs (juju sos).

  • [Modelling Docker containers with Juju] - This one is sure to be popular; Whit, Chuck, and Matt will be going over our work to bring Docker containers to the Juju world. This will include not only the standalone docker charm but will go over all the work we’ve been doing to bring you Kubernetes. If you’re at all interested in either Kubes or Docker you’ll definately want to be at this session.

EDIT: The Docker containers session is tomorrow, instead we’ll be doing big data:

And that’s it for Monday, I’ll post tomorrow’s session at the close of the day today.

Alas, a public cloud has evaporared. And while new options come along all the time, the nature of the beast is that competition is fierce and can really ruin your day. On the other hand this allows us to try new options for price, performance, and reliability.

Remember what happened to the guy who made the wrong choice:

This is why we firmly believe that the ability to run whatever workload you want wherever you want is a crucial value we want to deliver to users. That’s why we continue to drive to ensure that you can Juju deploy on on as many clouds as possible. juju switch and scale on!

Phoronix ran an article today highlighting our work on making a Juju charm for the Phoronix Test Suite.

This enables people to easily deploy pts to any cloud that we support, so AWS, Azure, Joyent, HP Cloud, GCE, onlinelabs.net, digitalocean, and of course bare metal and OpenStack. So now you can try any cloud provider and run your own benchmarks to see which one works best for you. With Windows, Debian, and CentOS arriving in Juju soon we’ll have your cross-OS needs covered as well.

Marco Ceppi and Adam Israel will be adding some more fixes and features over the next few days, you can follow along (and help if you’d like) in the Phoronix upstream git. Many thanks to Michael Larabel for giving us an area in the pts git repo to do this work!

Thanks to Daniel Bartholemew the freshest MariaDB is now available to deploy on Ubuntu directly from MariaDB itself.

The MariaDB Juju charm comes with the following features:

  • Direct installation of the latest packages directly from upstream
  • Ability to deploy MariaDB Enterprise from the same charm, including built in support for deploying to POWER8 hardware. You can also upgrade in place to MariaDB Enterprise by providing the charm your credentials.
  • Master/slave configuration, so you can horizontally scale your MariaDB deployment with a few commands.
  • Built in support for monitoring your database with either Nagios or Munin.

And since we run just about everywhere, you can deploy this to AWS, Azure, HP Cloud, Joyent, OpenStack, and of course, to bare metal via MAAS. Check the README for more information.

I have the greatest wife in the world.

I am turning 40 this year (I know right) and my wife got me a special surprise, a 30 minute Skype session with Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo!

We talked about Metallica, Infectious Grooves and Suicidal; our favorite bands, including Rush, Megadeth, Ozzy, you name it. Man, it was totally awesome.

Robert is raising money for a documentary on legendary funk bassist Jaco Pastorius. If you love music and want to make a donation, then click the link.